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About Me Let me introduce myself

Jonathan Winters

Media & Marketing Manager

New Media. Online Marketing. Games. Music. Just to name a few areas in which I participated in projects and different jobs. I engage with the new media at a professional as well as private level. At the agency for Online Marketing and Reputation Management Revolvermänner in Düsseldorf (Germany) I had the great opportunity to gain invaluable work experience. I worked intensively on different digital online marketing strategies and acquired sound knowledge in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and Online Reputation Management. During my studies I also had the chance to learn about different digital media commodities. I became especially interested in the markets for Mobile Apps and the development in the Games industry.

In projects at Revolvermänner and during the classes at WAM, I have tremendously enjoyed the creative work with new media and having to answer to the constantly changing technology as well as consumer needs. I embrace the fast changes of the web environment and still learn more during the Master’s programme in Digital Media at London Metropolitan University.

Jonathan WintersJonathan Winters

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Work Experience Where I worked before

Every July 2009 - 2014

Deichbrand Rockfestival, Cuxhaven, Germany

Volunteer of Event Organization

In July 2009, I started working at the Deichbrand Rockfestival. During the event, I was assisting the stage managers – also planning all performances of the event host and supervising media partners. With more than 30,000 visitors, the Deichbrand festival became one of the most popular music events in north Germany. Working for such a big event presents many challenges. I have learned to adapt to new situations.

As an official representative of the festival office, I was given the opportunity to be responsible for many different areas of event management. A big project like a rock festival does not work without good teamwork. It is always important for me that colleagues and other participants can rely on me.

10/2013 - 02/2014

WAM - Die Medienakademie, Dortmund, Germany

Social Media Management

Facebook. YouTube. Pinterest. Google+ and more. Working as a Social Media Manager means to always take responsibility for any communication in social networks. This includes thought-through planning and structuring content from the client. I have been organizing social media campaigns and analysed social media data to provide further information about the client’s online audience.

So far, during my work as a social media manager for the WAM Medienakademie, I was able to create new concepts and implement innovative ways to connect with the target audience. All social media platforms have been constructed to appeal to young students looking for a high-quality education in the area of media and design.

07/2012 - 09/2013

Revolvermänner GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

Reputation Management Assistant

To be honest, when I first heard of online reputation management, I was not sure about the total range of this fairly modern avocation. An Online Reputation Manager solves the modern problems of a networked community, in which users can easily manipulate and hurt the reputation of institutions, firms and even private people.

During my studies in Dortmund, Germany, I worked as an Assistant for Online Reputation Management.

I became an essential part of several projects, analysing the online appearances of clients and developing new online campaigns to recover the client’s reputation. The work ranged from PR and online marketing to SEO and Web Design.


Education & Diplomas What I have done in my academic career

10/2013 - 09/2014

Master Degree of Digital Media

London Metropolitan University, London, UK

At present, I am studying at London Metropolitan University at postgraduate level. So far, I have been able to focus on design modules such as web and game design. After achieving my diploma in the area of media management and marketing, those design skills became a valuable addition to my business knowledge.

Dissertation topic: Impact of Free-to-play mechanics on competitive Multiplayer Online Games.

  • E-Solutions and Digital Media Applications
  • Digital Media Project Management
  • Design for the Internet
  • Principles of Game Design
  • 3D Animation and Multimedia


10/2010 - 09/2013

Diploma Media Management

WAM - Die Medienakademie, Dortmund, Germany

The course was a combination of Economics and Marketing focused on Media. Major parts of the diploma were modules about media business studies, media production and cross-media studies.

Dissertation title: Media Management Concept for a Location-based Mobile Game.

  • Media Marketing & Brand Management
  • Online & Multimedia Management
  • Fundamentals of Business Administration
  • Media Economics
  • Strategic Media Marketing


08/2002 - 06/2009

German Abitur


Major Subjects: History, English, Politics




Previous Projects A short look at two projects I have done before

Marketing Concept for a Location-based Mobile Game

As mentioned in Education & Diplomas, my dissertation during my studies at WAM Medienakademie was about developing a comprehensive media concept including marketing strategies and a product concept. In this project,I designed a new mobile game consisting of collectable virtual creatures and GPS features.

My marketing analysis provided an extensive overview of the mobile game market in Europe. Also, it determined important characterisation of the mobile gaming audience. The market research was able to prove that location-based gaming was still in an early stage. Hence, the target audience of the designed game app turned out to be very specific. In comparison to other types of mobile games, location-based games are still rare.

I had to develop effective marketing strategies in order to appeal to a small audience with unique interests. In addition, analysing the mobile game market has shown that most developers produce free-to-play games, making the keen competition on the market even more complex. The product concept consisted of game design drafts showing the basic visual style of the game app.

Music Composition and Production

Creating and recording new music remains a great passion in my life. What was first a hobby became an important profession of mine. Before I started my studies in the area of media management, I was participating in band projects and gave music lessons working as a private teacher. My knowledge about composing new music pieces has improved my creative skills.

In 2011, I was able to work together with a film crew to produce an image film for a large company. I was in charge of composing and delivering music to fit the film. At the end of the project, the company was delighted by the end result. Since then, I continued to produce sounds and music loops.


Next Step This is what I am looking for

Researching Free-to-Play

Currently, I am working on a master thesis about the impact of Free-to-play mechanics on competitive Multiplayer Online Games. As part of my research, I would like to meet people from the F2P games business. In general, I plan to use my marketing and media management skills to start a career in the digital entertainment industry. Because of that, I am interested in the following areas:

  • Marketing Management for Digital Game Companies
  • Developing Business Models for Game Projects
  • Gamification
  • Free-to-Play Market Studies
  • Game Design and Game Development

If you are interested in co-operating with me, I would be very pleased to hear from you.


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